Give your mind regular breaks and be more creative

When your schedule is filling up and you start loosing touch with your self care, you might ask yourself:

How can I be more creative in a sustainable way?

In this blog entry you are reading about how building a routine that is rooted in breaks frees your mind for better ideas.


You are laying in bed after a productive day. You feel energised by how the day went and are looking forward to working more on getting closer to your goal tomorrow.

Or you did the best you could today and things didn’t quite flow how you would like them to. You take stock of what happened and sort the events - how to make progress tomorrow?

The good thing is: You are actually in bed, ready to go to sleep. You are taking care of yourself and want to provide rest for your body and mind.

The problem is: Your mind will not turn off. It is sitting in a roller-coaster-ride through a fairytale land of colours, star-bursts and really stunning vistas that are keep you catching your breath. You are laying in bed but you don’t really know that you are. You are sitting in that daydreaming-carousel and keep spinning round and round.

Daydreaming is powerful. The bigger you dream, the higher you fly. And the more of a dreamer you are, the more skilfully that merry-go-round or roller-coaster keeps turning you around.

Imagining things

Really, every brain is trying hard to cope with the stress of a long day when it is time to go to sleep. The more sensitive your nervous system is and the more the events of the day put your nervous system on edge, the more it will be on edge at night. As a creating person your nervous system is probably quite sensitive and being wound up from the day and feeling easily exhausted is normal. Feeling wound up is the mind feeling unsafe and the body having a hard time letting go and fully relaxing to be able to sleep.

On the other hand cortisol and adrenaline levels are especially high when you have a creative mind and tend to daydream to cope with stress. Et Voilà! Your personal roller-coaster-cycle: Exhaustion from the day makes you feel stress, stress makes you want to escape, escaping in the form of daydreaming and using your imaginative capacity keeps your adrenaline high with these exciting ideas of future possibilities and second chances…

Creative stress that keeps you from sleeping at night

As your creative mind feels unsafe from continued intake of information and stimuli during the day that need to be processed and sorted in as much detail as possible, this stress turns into a range of fears based on shame. While your exhaustion keeps you in the roller-coaster, fear is kicking up and is trying to handle the exhaustion so you may finally relax without danger to your life. Shame then jumps on the band wagon and signals to your subconscious: Have you really done enough to be allowed to sleep? Are you worthy of sleep - of essentially doing nothing - while there is so much left to do? Are you worthy of just being - of being loved just for you? (As humans doesn’t it all come back to needing to know that we are loved and lovable?)

Self care for your sensitive, creative mind

Three things you can do to help you sleep better that will also interrupt the daydreaming carousel and help you move into a parasympathetic mode (the relaxing and calming part of your nervous system) are:

  1. Setting up rituals that keep you aware of your body

  2. Getting rooted in what really matters to you in your life so you know you are taking care of all essentials

  3. Eating three times a day. Eating regularly signals to your nervous system consistently that you are taking care of yourself and are in a safe place.

Putting these things in place for your personal daily and weekly balance is part of my Intuitive Routine Compass - mini course ︎

Mind breaks

Change of scenery. Remember a morning, when you woke up from 7+ hours of good sleep. Your body feels soft and relaxed, you feel a peace of mind to let your eyes linger on whatever they see, feeling more and more connected to the present moment as you look around, start to listen, start to sense the air, the temperature, the light. You feel a sense of groundedness: Feeling sure of your body, of your strength, of who you are.

Making decisions feels easier because a relaxed nervous system gives your clarity. Your brain has had time to digest information, clear up the clutter, draw new connections and put things in place and in perspective. Enough sleep gives your mind a break and affects positively the way you perceive and deal with problems and tasks. During sleep your body also produces growth hormones and regulates emotional hormones. What you experienced in the past can be used for your personal development in a productive way.

Most of all the calmer outlook on your day boosts your mood and motivation and makes it much easier to believe your self worth. Feeling grounded in yourself and your body strengthens your self trust. With a sure sense of yourself, you follow your intuition with more ease. And you are ready for better ideas because you are ready for reality: Your relaxed body is here and now and anchors your daydreaming mind, invites do-able steps that lead you along in your practice.

Strengthening your self trust is the basis for building your personal daily and weekly routines and is at the core of the Intuitive Routine Compass - mini course
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Do nothing

Breaks and times of doing nothing remind you subconsciously of the sleep state and of being allowed to just be. They remind you that you are worthy. You are worthy of rest and of creating in a sustainable way.

Creating a breaks-oriented lifestyle for your day and your week is like feeding your self doubt, fear and shame with kindness. It is embracing yourself wholly and growing in self love. When you feel excited about possibilities or worried of possibilities, breaks bring you back to believing that you are enough and that you have the strength you need to get your creative dreams out into the world.

Rooting yourself in breaks nourishes your creation power: Just like during sleep you get to let go and allow lightness and lightheartedness back into your mind. As your nourished intuition guides you through your creative work and your life creatively, the next practical steps for your project or your problem come to you. Creating a breaks-oriented daily and weekly routine then roots you in your self worth and lets your creating power bloom. In turn, making breaks a part of your daily routine is setting you up for rejuvenation and helps make good sleep a part of your weekly routine.


Your creative mind reacts to stress and exhaustion with daydreaming in order to escape. More exciting ideas and scenarios keep you going in circles instead of winding down for sleep. Taking breaks connects you to your self worth like a good night sleep and sets you up for good sleep to be a part of your weekly routine. Your calmer nervous system and refreshed intuition make more ideas, thriving creativity and achievable goals a reality.

Get support in building your personal daily and weekly routines that root you in taking breaks and nourish your creativity with my Intuitive Routine Compass - mini course ︎

I am Jasmin - artist, composer and multi-talented person. While being a creating person, I have always known that creativity is more than making art - it is the essence of every human.

From my experience, we are more creative when we grow personally. Constantly renewing the self - a kind of soul making - is the highest form of creativity.

My heart beats for your breaks and times off:

  1. breaks so you feel refreshed and can be more creative

  2. breaks and times off to spend time creating

  3. breaks to feel the permission to reconnect with yourself so you live and own your story with clarity and peace.

You matter. Walk your own path.

Jasmin Seidl 2021. All rights reserved