Creating your personal balance between structure and flexibility

When it comes to routines and structure, you might be asking yourself:

How can I create a daily routine I actually want to stick to? How can I structure my time without feeling fenced in?

In this blog entry you are reading about the mindset you need to start creating a daily routine that you enjoy and that supports you in being more creative.


“A life lived in chaos is an impossibility for the artist. No matter how unstructured may seem the painter’s garret in Paris or poet’s pad in Greenwich Village, the artist must have some kind of order or he will produce a very small body of work. To create a work of art, great or small, is work, hard work, and work requires discipline and order.”

This quote is taken from the book Walking on Water by Madeleine L´Engle. The author is addressing artists here, but it is clear from her life that she was just as much interested in being a healthy artist as being a true human who allows for trust in that which cannot be controlled or manipulated and who is creating a better ending to their life’s story by owning their mistakes, their pain, their shifts in inner growth and is listening to the wonder of existence.

Own your story and create a better ending

I understand creative living and being as rooting in your true identity and growing into your full potential. As continually renewing yourself and so becoming truer to who you are. Leaving behind what you once believed but doesn’t serve you anymore, letting go gracefully, now knowing better and now doing better.

It is the balance between loving yourself well and loving others well. You might start with the first. You heal, grow in inner freedom and peace, take good care of your body, mind and soul, develop your skills and your wisdom, trust that you are enough, own your past, be present. In essence become peacefully and freely human.

Loving others then is participating in human-ness. You practice vulnerability and so declare that you are human and belong. You trust connectedness also when you feel grief, loneliness, misunderstanding, pain and want to withdraw and isolate. You believe your wonder (your creation power) and carry it out into the world. This is your light and sharing your light is participating in human-ness. In essence you show your peaceful and free human-ness as it grows.

I developed my Intuitive Routine Compass - mini course as a starter-guide to this constant renewing of the self which is the highest form of creativity ︎

Creating a beautiful story

Something that belongs with this way of creative living and being creative and letting either artistic or light-affirming actions take place is daring to live in the balance between opposites.

On a recent day in August, I was riding my bike through the neighbourhood park on my way to work. It was late morning on a day that would warm up to 30°C. The night had been cool but I could sense the warmth of the sun in the air. Enjoying the feeling of wearing clothes that were light enough to invite the late-summer heat but knowing the grounded coolness lingering from the night felt like a celebration on my skin.

Riding and seeing the lush greens and grassy open spaces, I noticed the tranquility of the park before mothers and toddlers would roam it or frisbee throwing friends would fill the air with shouting and laughter. Sensing the peaceful nature united with late-summer lightheartedness felt delicious. A calm and quiet party full of space, nourishment and promise.

In that here and now moment I thought: Life is most delicious when two opposites exist in balance. When two opposites are unified into onething new. When two opposing energies combine to open up the whole universe before you.

What are other such seeming opposites? You can find them all around. Here are a few common ones: intellect and intuition; left brain and right brain; structure and flexibility.

Creating your personal balance between structure and flexibility

Maybe you’re prone to one of the extremes: You tend to schedule every detail and then feel stressed when things work out differently as you planned them. Or you dislike routine and it feels impossible to stick to one so you end up constantly catching up with the things that matter to you.

Something important to realise is that we all have a daily routine whether we know it or not. Our daily routine is a combination of all of our habits, good and bad, that form the structure of what we do consistently every day.

Two truths about a helpful routine that support you in being creatively productive and feeling alive are:

  1. Being consistent with healthy habits feels boring BUT
  2. Sticking with self care and similarly meaningful habits carries you through hard and stressful times ︎ related blog entry about creative stress that keeps you from sleeping at night

When you root yourself in the balance between structure and flexibility you are connected to your peaceful self and are freeing up that onething new that opens up your whole story.


As artist, creative, creating person or person that is desiring to live creatively you are hardwired for the balance between opposites. In turn, combining as many opposites in your life as possible, you approach true human-ness and free up your creation power. A daily and weekly routine that roots you in this balance is making you more creative.

What this can look like for your personal balance, you will learn in my Intuitive Routine Compass - mini course ︎

I am Jasmin - artist, composer and multi-talented person. While being a creating person, I have always known that creativity is more than making art - it is the essence of every human.

From my experience, we are more creative when we grow personally. Constantly renewing the self - a kind of soul making - is the highest form of creativity.

My heart beats for your breaks and times off:

  1. breaks so you feel refreshed and can be more creative

  2. breaks and time offs to spend time creating

  3. breaks to feel the permission to reconnect with yourself so you live and own your story with clarity and peace.

You matter. Walk your own path.

Jasmin Seidl 2021. All rights reserved