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Calm, engaging piano music to soothe your creative mind and let your sensitive excellence shine

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Thanks so much Jasmin - I love the album!
When I write I listen to a lot of piano music, but I end up listening to the same songs a lot because it can be challenging to find music that´s engaging but not destracting
- this album is perfect!!  Very exciting!

Esther Samuels-Davis  -  Artist and Illustrator with dirtyliketheweeds


I usually listen to records while I work in my office at home.
It helps me creatively during sermon preparation especially. Your music is perfect for that.

Will White  -  Deep-thinker and pastor


Thank you! I´m loving your album
...been listening to it while I work.

Carolina Buzio  -  Illustrator


12 thoughtfully composed piano pieces.
Sea, Fog, Glasperlen, Sunday Sarabande, Mourning, Soothing Rain, Lullaby Talk, Wings, Valse Triste, Melting, Contentment, Glow.

Recorded at home in Berlin-Neukölln. 
Mastered and Vinyl Cut by Helmut Erler.
Released January 15, 2021.

Digital Album coming to you in your order confirmation Email.

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special bundle ♡
repose + I Fly Solo
Both Digital Albums coming to you in your order confirmation email, ready to download.

Black Friday Offer

Digital Album + Cover Art coming to you in your order confirmation Email.

9 expressively crafted songs for folky guitar and voice, released February 5, 2021

Hold The Line
Come To The Table
Fragile Friend
What you Never Had
Almost Home
I Got Time
On The Inside
Somethings Got To Breathe

Black Friday Offer

About repose

The word repose stands for a deep laying at rest, for letting go. An owning what happened, owning how we felt when it happened and letting this pass through us once more, bravely, wrestling with it and letting it guide us into a new beginning - a possible better ending to our story.

This takes courage. It takes embracing our personal loneliness, our uniqueness, without seeking distraction. Sitting in that dark soil like a seed. Letting go, breaking open, nourishing the growth hidden here.

repose is a companion to moments of mindfulness that lead deeper inward, a space to let story-ful stillness recharge and renew your life.

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I´ve been meaning to message you. I listened to the album recently and it is absolutely one of the most beautiful things I have heard in so long! I listened to it on repeat for days and added a few tracks to my playlist. What a stunning work of art! You are so talented. My favourite track is Sea. The songs are so calming and carry such peace and beauty.

Aliyah Rainer  -  Dancer, photographer, traveller


This afternoon I have heard your music for the first time at the mini concert! You make such wonderful and moving music - so multi-layered, quiet and deep.

Sarita Dey  -  Transmedial Artist


The first time I put the record on was in our new home. I had come back from a long day at work and felt very tense. Repose was filling our house with warmth. Listening to you music, I felt very calm and reassured. For that I want to thank you and let you knowthat it has ushered in many quiet, meditative moments for me. I am so appreciative of that. Currently, I am really enjoying your song melting. It´s beautiful.

Rachel Casel  -  Band member of Shoecraft

About Jasmin

Music and Art have been my passions for as long as I can think. When I first told myself what I would become when I grew up, I said: a writer. So I studied classical piano (10 years), creative writing (2 years) and ran a small business where I screen printed drawings on used porcelain dishware (3 years).

I am always curious about new creating endeavors, so I learn(ed) and practice to work with graphic design, ceramics, colorpencil, interior decoration and my own piano composition.

As an intuitive and feeling person, I am always interested in knowing myself, the world and others in a deeper way. Mindfulness, self discovery and personal growth spark the joy of creation for me: There is a story we get to tell with our own lives, and I want it to be the truest one I can make. 

You matter. Walk your own path.


For days now I have Jasmin Seidl`s melodies in my ear.
I just love this record.

Maria Herrmann  -  Consultant for strategic innovation


Jasmin Seidl´s gorgeous work repose! Piano pieces to soothe your soul. Honestly one of my facourite records this year so far.

Baby Alligator  -  Songwriter and Singer

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